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Theme dungeons are an optional part of Iris Online where enemies are much stronger than the typical enemies found in the maps where they are located. While it is possible to solo some of the dungeons after achieving a high enough level, partying with other players is highly recommended for those looking to venture into them shortly after they become available to the player.

Dungeons feature the most difficult and rewarding content, both in terms of enemies and items, but also in terms of level design. Most monsters inside the dungeon are elite, with the exception of some monsters, and perform well above their level. Dungeons feature multiple bosses, all with special abilities and immunities. Getting through a dungeon normally requires a well-trained and well-balanced group of players with the appropriate level. Please note, all dungeons have unique requirements for entrance and are limited to once every 12 hours. However, you can easily bypass the 12 hours limitation by using a Dungeon Restart Card; available for purchase in the Item Mall. (Taken from Iris Online Gpotato Main Site)

Map List[]

  • Paniye Circus Troupe
    • Normal Mode (Level 15)
    • Hard Mode (Level 68)
  • Laioha
    • Normal Mode (Level 25)
    • Hard Mode (Level 40)
  • Decomus
    • Normal Mode (Level 35)
    • Hard Mode (Level 50)
  • Wood Garden
    • Normal Mode (Level 40)
    • Hard Mode (Level 60)
  • Hall of Crystalisk
  • Sahar's Gate
  • Dimensional Vortex
    • Easy Mode (Level 25 ~ 40)
    • Normal Mode (Level 40 ~ 55)
    • Hard Mode (Level 55 ~ ?)