The Past Bloody Battle
The Past Bloody Battles is some sort of flying book who lurks in the Tutorial map. The quest it gives lets you understand a bit more about the story of Iris Online.

This book includes the origin of the Arcana continent, the Monarch of Darkness, and the warriors who bravely stood against him.

Fights of the Past - Chapter 1Edit

A mystical giant descended upon the planet filled with vast continents that bore great beauty even gods were amazed by. The mystical giant manifested the laws of nature and named the vast continent Arcana, meaning Grace and Favor. In the center of the continent he planted the tree of life and named it Archelon, which began to grow into a great tree that could be seen from miles away, and bore fruits that gave birth to all creatures on the continent.

Fights of the Past - Chapter 2 Edit

After the initial creation, Archelon bore no fruits for centuries. But one day, the Elders of Alleshave saw it eventually give birth to a boy, Shulander Archane, whom the elders annointed King of Arcana. Archane had a natural talent for magic. However, his thirst for knowledge soon turn into lust for power, and turned to the darker forces of magic. With his power growing each day, Archane sank deeper into madness, and the once noble King of Arcana soon became the Monarch of Darkness

Fights of the Past - Chapter 3Edit

To fight back against the Monarch, the three races of Humans, Elves and Hybrids joined forces to form a coalition. With tremendous bravery, they fought endlessly against the Monarch's evil Sahar army, and after several years of war were finally victorious in driving the demons out of Arcana! Archane, defeated and weakened to his last breath, was sealed to a far dimension. Victory belonged to Arcana that day, but many still fear the Monarch will one day return...

Fights of the Past - Chapter 4Edit

Although the great armies of Arcana were victorious, many lives were lost in the war and the once beautiful continent was now in ruins. It soon became obvious that the Arcanians could never survive another attack on their own. It was now time to revive the brave heroes of the war, so that they may once again stand up to the forces of evil, should the Monarch someday return. Thus began the great reincarnation.

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