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Terminus is a gathering center for all Alliance members. Prince Shilly is the leader of the Alliance forces.


Main Alliance city, was built by the survivors of the war. Led by Prince Shilly, the human built this fort which eventually became a city after more took refuge here. Here you will find everything you need to aid you in your adventure. Talk to the townspeople for more information and guidance in your path throughout Arcana.


Name Coordinate Remarks Name Coordinate Remarks

Tobias the Grand

199,203 Divination, merchant card <Chef>

Elsa Walker

194,162 Recipes, cooking material


218,176 Mailbox <Miscellaneous Merchant>

Kristin Owens

227,233 Consumable
<Equipment Merchant>

Spike Schultz

283,232 Weapons, armor <Decomposition Items>


298,175 Decomposition items

Tan Owl guard

263,151 <Guild Master>

Chester Douglas

<Sales Agent>

Kamers Pierre

398,198 Auction House

<Warrior Class Instructor> Juke Brix

<Mage Class Instructor>

Kuz Brix

361,261 <Rogue Class Instructor>

Abel Monkey Tail

<Sales Agent>

Odin Kamers

348,323 Auction House <Warehouse>

Pun Ulpradius

341,351 Warehouse

Shilly Grankine

255,344 <Battlefield Official>

Boris Eagle Eye

176,295 Shopping point battlefield
<Sales Agent> Kamers Middle 165,271 Auction House <Armor Exchange Merchant>

Sir Geoffrey

317,205 Armor Exchange Merchant

<Priest> Karen

65,278 <Arcana's Tear Vendor> Bill Mays 272,121 Tear's Vendor


  • Weapon Shop
  • Blacksmith
  • Post
  • Bank
  • Skill Leaders