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Tarot Cards

Iris Online consists of 22 Major Cards and 56 Minor Cards! Collect all Tarot Cards for unlimited variations and endless expansions! Customize your character with unique weapons and perfect your battle styles! Utilize the cards in all aspects of the game, including Materializing, Attachment, Carving, and Summoning.

Fortune Telling[]

Fortune Telling Interface

The Tarot Store is The way you can get buff from reading your future with the Major Tarot Cards.

To make this possible you need to collect the 22 Major Tarot Cards in your Collector Book, this can be obtained by killing monsters or just buying them at Tobias in Terminus. Then you need to have at Least 1 Spread, you can get them from Tobias too or from monsters, and you need to have one Fairy Powder, that can be dropped by killing several monsters in the game. If you got everything then open the Skill menu and use the "open fortune telling house" skill. Then you only need to click "View", chose your spread and ten cards to open. You can speed up with the "random" button.

The chosen cards will be arranged and you have to chose how you want to flip them. You can speed up that again with three buttons on the right side.

After finishing and accepting, you'll receive a 2 hour lasting buff depending on the outcome of the tarot and the spread you chose. This could be a pair of wings, or a weather effect. Don't worry, you don't lose any of your Tarot cards or spreads, but you do lose fairy powder.

In later levels you'll drop *Silver Tarot cards and you can buy random Silver Tarot Cards from Tobias. If you also got that set full and got a silver spread you can even receive stronger buffs, but remember that the buffs will only last for a good little while, so make it count!

  • Silver Tarot cards require Fairy Pieces rather than Fairy Powder.