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Gotta rework the tables to make them even.

Tsyuku 20:56, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Please make (or try at least) sql implementable tables for monsters (like quests or titles). It'd be help a lot to implement in mysql. wtb english lessons!

i mean:

Name Location lvl hostile itemdrops eqdrop attack exp sxp
mob1 data xx 1,0 data,data,data,data data,data,data,data data xx xx
mob2 data data data data data data data data
mob3 data data data data data data data data
mob4 data data data data data data data data

Artwork from Iris Online's main site[]

Hey guys, I was just wondering if it was alright to take some of the artwork from gPotato's main website for Iris online and place it in this wikia. Thanks in advance. Zlars 09:58, November 13, 2010 (UTC)

Redzwan90 12:46, May 25, 2011 (UTC)dunno...try to ask them in forum.. :P

Main Page[]

As of now, I feel as if the main page does not reach the potential it is capable of. Below is a layout which I believe would be an improvement to the current one.


  • A list of the 5 most recent events


  • All Guides List
  • Job Advancement
  • Quest List
    • 1-15
    • etc
  • Instances
  • Battlefield
    • Capture the Flag
    • Death Match
  • NPC List
  • Guilds
  • Forces
  • Tarot Cards
  • Auction House


  • Races
  • Classes
    • Fighter
    • Mage
    • etc
  • Exp Table
  • Status Effecting Buffs
    • Tarot Buffs
    • Transformation Buffs
    • Debuffs
    • etc
  • Title Guide
  • Assistant Skills
    • Inscription
    • Chef
    • etc
  • Character Status Information
  • Transformation Cards

Tell me what you think Zlars 12:30, November 13, 2010 (UTC)


  • Materials
  • Weapons
    • Greens
    • Blues
  • Armors
    • Set Armor
    • Green Armor
  • Accessories
    • Necklace
    • Earring
    • Medal
  • Mounts
  • Cards
    • Enhancement
    • Transformation
    • Character Stat
    • Blood type cards
  • Cash Shop


  • Monster List
  • Monster Drops
  • Monster Locations
  • Monster EXP rate


  • Terminus
  • etc

Main Page Makeover[]

The last time activity about this wikia is about two years ago, so i decided to straightly implement my idea about the main page looks like... give me your feedback... thanks!

  • I've become a new bureaucrat on this wiki, please contact me if any of you need help regarding this wiki... I'm planning to do a total makeover over the current main page and continue to improve our wiki to help our fellow iris readers... please support by creating or editing a page or two :D


B4c0 04:34, June 19, 2012 (UTC)