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A stub is an article which is unusually short, usually only a few lines. Stubs should be expanded, so that eventually after many edits they can completely cover their topic and fulfill their purpose. When they edit/expand stubs, users are helping Iris Online Wiki to grow. Stubs can be found at Category:Stubs.

What qualifies as a stub?[]

Stubs have the following characteristics:

  • Consists of only 1 or 2 lines, or a few short paragraphs.
  • Does NOT cover everything about the topic - gives only a brief overview or idea.
  • Can be expanded to cover it's topic.
  • Stubs are always in the main namespace, that is, with no word in front of their title such as "Iris Online Wiki:" or "Category:".

How should stubs be treated?[]

Apart from being edited to contain more information, all stubs should be tagged with the appropriate stub template at the very top of the page, for example {{Stub/Item}} for stubs which are about an Item. It is best to add stubs to the appropriate sub-category rather than the general stub category, ({{Stub}}) but if there is no stub type that fits the article you wish to tag, either use the general category, or ask an administrator about creating a new stub type.

All the templates for different types of stubs can be found at Category:Templates/Stubs.

More information[]

Much more information can be found at Wikipedia's "Stubs" article.