Iris Online Wiki

Hybrid - Rogue

Styles: Dual Daggers , Gun

Armor: Mail

Roles: Melee DPS, Ranged DPS

Counterpart: Elf - Ranger

Advanced Classes: Shadow Walker (DD), Hunter (Gun)

Description: The rogue is a crafty cutpurse who uses trickery to gain the advantage in battle. Always shrewd combatants, rogues use every opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities of their opponents.

Skills Edit[]

Dual Daggers Skills (Leads to Shadow Walker Class)

Icon Name Description Type
Swift Attack
Spiral Jab
Shifting Blow
Blood Consciouness
Viceral Penetration
Savage Toenail
Crippling Jab
Paralytic Strike
Shadow Strike
Bolstered Aggression
Shadow Protection
Ursine Fortitude
Feline Insticts
Wind Purification
Beastial Instincts
Protection Aura

Gun Skill (Leads to Hunter Class)

Icon Name Description Type
Dexterous Shot
Instant Fire
Armor Penetration
Breach Fire
Silencing Shot
Penetrating Shot
Timed Bomb
Weapon Check
Ranged Fire
Enriched Physique
Manticore Sting
Brief Alacrity
Indomitable Movement

General Skills (Usefull to Most Classes and Builds)

Icon Name Description Type
Emergency Cure
Sharpened Daggers
Improved Daggers
Strengthened Mail Armor
Improved Mail Armor
Wild Nature
Gun Expert
Gun Scope
Improved Mail Armor
Fortified Mail Armor