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Races & Classes are the start of your adventure in Iris Online. There is a view variety to choose from.


There are currently three races in the Iris Online Universe. Each race are relatively unique and comes with their own set of race-specific class. When choosing which race you should be playing, one must consider their class preference carefully. Even though some classes might seem similar at first glance (Elf's Scout and Hybrid's Hunter for example), Their skillset and average stat progression is unique enough to alter your preferred attack pattern and overall gameplay.

The races are:

Human is one of the most versatile race out there. They can focus their talent in both melee and magic. While their stat tends to average out more than both Hybrid and Elf, Human excels in their class versatility. Want to master the world of melee combat? Want to take the brunt of enemy attack for your party and unleash multiple buffs? Want to snipe adversaries with magic? Want to help your party as a healer? This race is your answer. If you fancy variation and wider spell options, human is your best friend.

Hybrid race hits and hits HARD. These beastmen (and women) has an advantage in physical prowess but not so much in their intelligence department. While not as versatile as Human, their class branching and skill options provides wide varieties of gameplay mechanics focused solely on physical damage. From tank to ranged attacker, from heavy melee to agility-based dual wielding. If you want to excel in physical damage department, Hybrid is your race of choice.

Elf is close enough to match the profile of a glass sword. They can dish great damage both physically and magically, but their defense can be rather lacking. However, don't let their seemingly lower defense fools you. These agile pointy ears can outmatch most enemy with their variety of buff/debuff and damage dealing skills. Playing as an elf, especially soloing, can be more challenging compares to the other races at times, but once you found your perfect skill combo, your character can outshine most opponents out there, be it PvE or PvP.


The classes are divided into each race. The races have two choices to choose from and their branch off.




From the chart below, you can see the branching classes. They are marked with their Japanese Classes, refer to above for detail.

Iris Class Human Hybrid Elf
Warrior Knight, Gladiator, Mercenary Guardian, Berserker, Barbarian N/A
Agility N/A Assassin, Hunter Adventurer, Scout
Mage Magician, Priest N/A

Warlock, Sage