Quest items are most important for your journey and leveling up.

There are diffrent kinds of quest items:

  • Items you drop from monsters:

Like it says you need to kill monsters for the items. Frequency of drop varies from almost 100% drop to very very rare drop, especially if the quest includes 1 sp bonus for completition.

Those items can be also categorised into:

Quest inventory items:

All items you drop for regular quests will be looted automaticly and stored in the quest item inventory.

Regular inventory items:

The items you need are in the boxes the monsters drop, so they need inventory space. Happens with the items needed for sp bonus quests and with items you need to use with rightclick to start a new quest.

  • Items you loot from landscape:

Already in very early quests you need to find wood logs for a quest, which are just scattered all over the area. If you have to loot them for a quest they got a blue shiny aura.

Sometimes you might run across other blue shining landscape items, while you don't have a quest telling you to loot them. Those items then mostly contain Items to start a quest, which need to be stored in you regular inventory till you use them with rightclick. Most of them are level restricted and all can only be used once.

Landscape chests can bear either materials (like in Conflict Valley), titles (like in Hidden Cavern F1) or quest items (like in Shrouded Valley).