Player RequestEdit


Two players can duel each other at anytime. As long as one player send's a request and the other player gives consent. Interface is changed for duel. Both players duel until one of the other reaches zero HP.

Defeat conditions

HP becomes zero.

Player has changed area.

Player has become too great of a distance from opponent.

Winning conditions

Getting opponents HP to zero.

Power MatchEdit

Death MatchEdit

Fight with the powers of nature's most devastating elements, Water, Land, Wind and Fire!

Team Deatchmatch

Competitive battle zones are assigned to each player based on their existing character levels.

Each match will start within one minute of entering the battle zone and team captains are chosen at this point.

You can participate with up to 18 players (3 parties of 6) on each team and each character's strength and skills are displayed to the opposite team.

Victory goes to the team that reaches 50 points first. The number of points awarded differs depending on the target. Only 1 point is awarded for killing an opponent that is not the team leader. Several points are awarded for killing the enemy's leader and 10 points are awarded for destroying the enemy tower outside their gate.

To help maintain the experience of the team PvP, a penalty is assigned to characters who abruptly quit a battle.

By winning, you can earn battle points, game money, Exp and Sxp. Battle points can be then used as in game money through select NPCs.

Flag MatchEdit

Flag matches are your typical Capture the Flag type matches. Up to 18 players (3 full parties of 6 members) compete against one another in a battle to secure 5 flags at their own base. Flags are randomly generated at different points on the map where altars can be found.

Acquiring a flag and securing one at your base takes time, so it is imperative that the flag-bearer be protected at all costs to ensure victory. When acquiring a flag, any damage taken will stop the process and the flag will need to be retrieved again from scratch. As such, persistent players may succumb easily to attacks that deal damage over time.

While carrying a flag, the flag-bearer will become slow and thus vulnerable. Although there are some tricks to get around the decrease in speed, getting onto a mount is not one of them. Upon getting onto a mount, the flag-bearer will drop the flag and will need to pick it up again.

Like the death match, players killed in a flag match will need to wait 9 seconds before they are automatically respawned back at the main base.