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Cruel Tiger Spider Crab

Mounts are ride-able items that can increase mainly your speed and other aspects. Iris Online is filled with various mounts to cater to everyone's need! Each Mount also has different colors! Most mounts are level-specific. The following are the current documented mounts.

List Of MountsEdit


  • The first mount you will get is the Grassland Spider Crab. it is a quest item where you defeat a mutant arachnid. This one's speed is 20% speed boost.
  • There are also force mounts that can be bought with force points, all mounts have 35% boost for 40,000 force points; Agnes: Silver Wolf; Nero: Uta; Dera: Red Boar; & Helen: Brown Lycan.
  • There are also mounts that can be bought at the mount merchant in terminus, these mounts are also comes with 35% speed.
  • Dungeon drops mounts, ex: Paniye Cat from Paniye Circus speed is 30%.
  • There are cash shop mounts that have speed boost up to 50%.
  • Mount drops from boxes that can or may not be permanent .
  • Quest mounts, ex: Sleigh (40% speed) and Crab (25% speed).
  • Event mounts, ex: Christmas Reindeer (25% speed).