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Card Mater Assistant Skills can be very difficult mainly because the basic ingredients needed, Blank Card. Although this item is one of the first item that you can learn as a Card Master, materials required in its manufacture is Fairy's Powder, a rare material for low level characters and can be found easily in the dungeon. After the availability of dungeon is open to players, this material will become easier or difficult to obtain (depending on the number of players who enter dungeon, and what the division of objects used). Keep in mind that these Fairy's Powder is also necessary to Fortune, so players may not be too willing to lose it.

Materials used in the recipe cards can range from easy to very difficult to find. The first ink can be easily obtained from Tobias and after that by using fairy powder, making Card Blanks with different varieties can give a lot of problems.

Progress in making the cards can give you trouble and the price is expensive, because they are not so easily obtained from the Assistant Skills Cooking. However, the main benefit is to create a card that effect from a permanent card for a character who wore the item, either the equipment or as a card charged. Keep in mind that S card is only used by the Card Master, so that the Card Master will be able to receive the most benefit from its capabilities.

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