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The first question that probably comes to mind when the first player mentions assistant skills arises when a player reaches level character 10 is "What are the skills of an assistant, and what the purpose of that?" Assistant skills are an optional part of the Iris Online, a system that allows players to improve their characters through a change of equipment or goods.

Assistant Skills come in 3 types and players are usually only able to choose one unless they buy a Add Assistant Skill Scroll from Cash Shop. 3 Assistant Skills which is available at the Iris Online is Cooking, Alchemy, and Card Master. Each Assistant Skills have uses each and with it a good idea to have access to every Assistant skills either through a separate character or through friends. In each case, we must keep records that there are special items that can only be used by the manufacturer. For the Card Master, you can easily tell which untradeable because they have the S at the beginning of a name (eg S Ability Wearing Card I).

Assistant skills for each individual, you can acquire the skills of the highest points as the skill of recipes +12. For example, if you just have (ie Assistant Skill level 0), you can only create items that require an Assistant Skills level 0 and you will stop growing when reaching 12. After this point is reached, you will need a recipes to Assistant Skills level 10 to switch (to a maximum of 22 skills). The number of points you receive from recipes can be determined by the color names in the interface recipes Assistant Skills. Brownish color means that you will receive the most points. Yellow means that you are at a turning point at which point will begin to decline. On the green, you will only receive 1 point for each item and once the name changed to white, you will not receive points.

For players looking to save on material, do not try to improve your skills beyond the maximum indicated in the interface. For example, you can not improve your skills to 72/70 with a recipe that requires a level Assistant Skills 60. You have to wait until you raise the level Assistant Skills (eg, beginner (70) -> intermediate (200)).

List of Assistant Skills[]