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Archemi is a regular NPC located in Southeast of Terminus (x32638.16,y17963.43). He is an alchemist recipe and materials trader who is also known as Alchemist Master.

Items Sold[]

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Material


  • [1] [Daily] Repairing the Christmas Lights
  • [1] [Daily] Life Energy
  • [42] [Dungeon] Ingredients
  • [58] Purified Lizard's Saliva


In response each time you interact with him :

  • "Alchemy is a magic without mana. If you want to make an amazing potion that has a magican effect, how about learning Alchemy?"
  • "You can find ingredients for alchemy everywhere. Making mysterious potions with everything you touch... That's what Alchemy is."
  • "Curiousity for everything... That's the fastest way to become a good alchemist."