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Alchemy is an Assistant Skill taught by Archemi in Terminus Village. Depending on whether you care or not about the different types of items that can be made, can be relatively easy or very difficult to keep. Alchemy can be divided into 3 categories like Cooking that is restorative, buffs, and ingredients. Restorative items can heal HP or MP with a variety of types and they can make items that are far better than those offered at the NPC (eg HP-only recovery, MP-only recovery and, HP and MP recovery). Buffing goods, such as cooked items, last for a limited amount of time before they disappear.

Alchemy recipes can sometimes be found as the drops from monster. This recipe is all buff-type recipes. Restorative and ingredient recipe is only available from Archemi for coins. Most of the materials can be found drops, but if you decide to make buffing items, you may find yourself needing to go to battlefield often to collect the battlefield points needed to obtain such materials or recipes from Battlefield Recipe Vendor (eg Flawed Soulstone).

If you choose to just get a restorative recipes, naturally you will take time (or money) to collect coins, but the material you will need for them much easier to obtain than those used in the recipe for the buffs.

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