Elf - Adventurer

Style: Dual Daggers

Role: Melee DPS

Counterpart: Hybrid - Shadow Walker



Icon Name Description Type
Rapid Attack 2 Attack the target twice Physical
Tempest Blitz
Dexterous Jab 2
Tempest Assault
Shifting Blow 2 Teleport next to target and attack physically Teleport, physical
Savage Toenail 2 Attack the target twice, lower phys. defence Physical
Paralytic Assault
Canine Assault
Serpent Sting
Crippling Jab 2
Scorpian Sting 2
Danger Avoidance teleport forward Teleport
Exposed Armor
Emergency Cure 2
Wolf Cry
Wind Protection 2
Canine Intuition
Deadeye 2
Beastial Instincs 2
Blue Wind Aegis
Hastened Agression
Rejuvenating Strike
Elemental Affinity 2
Flexibility 2
Sharpened Daggers 2
Improved Daggers 2
Dagger Expert
Strengthened Mail Armor 2
Enhanced Mail Armor 2